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The Home Life of Jack Benny

Jack Benny's former house in Beverly Hills Under one roof: a house for everybody, and for everybody a house of his own. This is Mary Livingstone's recipe for a harmonious family life, and it works like a talisman -- even in Hollywood where (despite the well-paid efforts of half the psychiatric brains in the country) more marriages explode in the headlines than go on year in year out in a sort of a miraculous serenity. Of course, if you're living in Quonset hut with your bride and her ... (read more)

Radio Jingle Moves 1 Million Barrels of Burgermeister Beer

Burgermeister, Burgermeister It's so light and golden clear, Burgermeister, Burgermeister It's a truly fine pale beer This jingle has proved to be worth about $4 million a word so far. Sung to the tune of "Clementine" on a host of California radio stations, it has impelled thousands of Californians to switch to Burgermeister. Sales for 1951 are up 33% over 1950 with annual sales of close to one million barrels. That wasn't the situation in 1944 when 55-year-old German-born Henry E. ... (read more)