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Phillips Lord Gives Voice to Bums of the Bowery

Seth Parker portrayer and creator Phillips Lord Criminals, bop-heads, panhandlers and other breeds of down-and-outers of New York's Bowery have combined with one of radio's best-known characters to present a series of programs over National Broadcasting Company networks, hailed as one of the unique broadcasts of the year. America's radio audience demanded variety, and Phillips H. Lord, 28-year-old creator of Seth Parker and His Jonesport Neighbors, supplied it. In a dingy, smoke-filled ... (read more)

Inside Kate Smith's Kitchen

Kate Smith on CBS radio in 1943 "Hello, everybody. This is Kate Smith." How often you've heard that cheery greeting! The rich, friendly tones of the speaker's voice bring instant recognition apart from the spoken words and you find yourself responding as you would to the warm handclasp of an old friend. Well, after all, this is an old friend I am presenting to you here, this Catherine Elizabeth Smith, who for years has been bringing the moon over the mountain and into your living room. ... (read more)

Bing Crosby Wants His Records Banned from Radio

Bing Crosby on CBS Radio How many times a day do you tune in your radio and hear records being played? Would you feel deprived if the station you listened to no longer played these records of your favorites? That is the situation you may soon be facing. It's important enough for several of the networks' biggest stars to have joined hands in a concerted action to ban the records they have made from the air. In January a decision was handed down in a Philadelphia court which forbade a ... (read more)

Bob Sylvester and his Orchestra Featuring Olga Vernon

Associated Radio Artists ad from 1937 Five feet, five inches of scintillating personality, a voice with soft, mellow depths and a soothing quality, red hair (though she insists it's auburn), a creamy complexion. In short, an eyeful. That's Olga Vernon, the Sophisticated Lady of Song, who appears with Bob Sylvester and his Orchestra on a hand-picked network of Southern stations. You can hear her every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST over WJSV, Washington; WRAV, Richmond; WBT, Charlotte; ... (read more)

Mexican Police Band Performs Concert to Entire U.S. on Radio

The WJAZ broadcast control room in 1922 The Zenith-Edgewater Beach Hotel broadcasting station in Chicago on the evening of Sunday September 30 gave to its listening audience throughout the United States a rare treat which was fully appreciated, as evidenced by the thousands of letters pouring into the station. The official Mexican police band of 87 pieces, sent to this country by President Álvaro Obregón, appeared in full uniform and rendered a concert of continuous playing, lasting ... (read more)

The Night Arthur Godfrey Fired a Singer On Live Radio

Julius La Rosa's 1956 vinyl album with Joe Reisman and His Orchestra The last memory I have of Julius La Rosa was seeing him at the Italian Festival on Hertel Avenue about five or six years ago. He was about 70 years old then. He looked good and sounded great as he entertained the friendly crowd. Nowadays his singing engagements are limited mainly to Italian festivals and some nightclub gigs. In between his singing he gave a little monologue, and naturally the Arthur Godfrey thing came ... (read more)

Rudy Vallee's NBC Questionnaire

Rudy Vallee and Fay Webb The document rests in the files of the press department of the National Broadcasting Company. It is a questionnaire, duplicates of which are submitted to all NBC stars of prominence. The questionnaire was answered by Vallee himself, painstakingly and neatly typed by his own musical fingers. The questions were answered in 1932, after the crooner's marriage. Name (professional): Rudy Vallee Nickname (in the studios): Rudy Addresses: Office 111 West 57th St., ... (read more)

Sandy Hook Records Catalog

The Bells of St. Mary's and Holiday Inn: Two complete radio musical dramas with Bing Crosby, Ingrid Bergman, Dinah Shore. Screen Guild broadcasts from 1947 and 1943, including the all-time favorite "White Christmas." (S.H. 2049) Louis Armstrong Live in Concert: Classic Louis, recorded at the Nice Jazz Festival, February 1940. With Jack Teagarden, Barney Bigard, Earl "Fatha" Hines, Arvell Shaw, Sid Catlett, Velma Middleton and the one and only Louis in his prime. (S.H. 2050) Ella ... (read more)