Lone Ranger

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The Little Detrola Radio That Brought Magic Into My Home

Detrola CM 429 wooden table tube radio (1941) I remember the Detrola table model radio being on the end of the kitchen counter close to the window. Part of the morning ritual was turning it on to hear the mellow voice of Clint Buehlman giving the weather and traffic reports. If I was real lucky he would be giving the school closings, and maybe, just maybe, he would be closing mine. The radio was magic. I didn't know how it worked. I could figure out the gas stove. Just a pipe to the burner, ... (read more)

John Hodiak: From Hamtramck to Hollywood

Radio and film actor John Hodiak in The Sellout (1952) It was the church plays, the high school dramas and John Hodiak's eagerness to spout speeches that got him hipped on the radio acting idea which finally paid off way out in Hollywood. Hodie had worked up such an oratorical rep around Hamtramck that when a campaigning candidate for Michigan's governorship hit Hamtramck, he stumped the place for him and got votes galore. "When I'm elected, son," promised the grateful statesman, "let me know ... (read more)

Lone Ranger's Lost Treasures of the West

Three fabled lost gold mines Geronimo's Lost Mine After a disastrous fight with the U.S. Army, Geronimo, the great Apache warrior chief, found himself imprisoned in the stockade at Fort Sill. He told one of his guards of a fabulous mine where the Apaches mined the "green bads" that they used for ornaments -- and where they mined their gold. The guard promised to help the Chief escape if the Indian would guide him to the mines. But the plot was later discovered and the guard was sent to prison. ... (read more)

The Mail Must Go Through: The Pony Express Rider

The Pony Express U.S. postage stamp issued for the centennial of the 1860 founding On April 3, 1860, at 5 p.m., a courier mounted a fast, spirited steed in St. Joseph, Missouri, and headed westward at breakneck speed. At about the same time in San Francisco, another rider began a dash toward the East. These were the first Pony Express riders. During the eighteen months of the short history of the Pony Express, many miracles of endurance and bravery were performed before the famous relay system ... (read more)