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Eddie Cantor Writer Raymond Bowes Died in Plane Crash

Eddie Cantor Raymond Bowes, who wrote hundreds of scripts for Eddie Cantor during the golden age of radio, died on May 16, 1984, when the light plane he was piloting struck utility wires and crashed near the village of Bentley Creek in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. He was 67. His sister Vivian Bowes told the Buffalo News that Raymond wrote 259 radio scripts for Cantor. "He and I wrote scripts for Eddie Cantor in Hollywood," she said. After two years he left California to return to flying. At ... (read more)

Wings of Destiny Gave Listeners Their Own Planes

Ad promoting the Wings of Destiny plane giveaway Did it ever occur to you to wonder what you'd do if you won one of those midget airplanes the Wings of Destiny program gives away every week? Of course it's nice to get the plane, but it really isn't easy to take care of it. As Mrs. Thomas Frissell of Middletown, Connecticut, one of the winners exclaimed, "You can't just put an airplane under the bed!" Mrs. Frissell was so excited when she got the telephone call telling her she'd won a plane that ... (read more)