Guy Lombardo

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'I Can't Stand Jack Benny' Contest Received 277,104 Entries

Jack Benny with judges in the I Can't Stand Jack Benny contest So you tore off a carton top? Visualizing thousand-dollar bank notes, shiny new automobiles and post-war electric refrigerators, you were a "goner"' before the announcer's pear-shaped vowels reached "in twenty-five words or less." On the back of the cart top you detailed in pulsating prose why you simply cannot exist without Fluffo Flakes. With fingers crossed, you dropped it in the corner mailbox and went home to wait for the ... (read more)

Lew Stone and His Band - A Sailboat in the Moonlight (1937)

Lew Stone and His Band recorded the song "A Sailboat In The Moonlight" with the singer Sam Costa for the Decca label on August 20, 1937. The personnel included Alfie Noakes and Chick Smith on trumpet, Eric Breeze and Joe Ferrie on trombone, Joe Crossman, Ernest Ritte, Bill Apps, and Don Barrigo on reeds, Bobby McGee on piano, Sam Gelsley on guitar, Arthur Maden on string bass and Jock Jacobson on drums. Stone was a jazz pianist, bassist, cellist, arranger, and dance band leader who ... (read more)

Bing Crosby Wants His Records Banned from Radio

Bing Crosby on CBS Radio How many times a day do you tune in your radio and hear records being played? Would you feel deprived if the station you listened to no longer played these records of your favorites? That is the situation you may soon be facing. It's important enough for several of the networks' biggest stars to have joined hands in a concerted action to ban the records they have made from the air. In January a decision was handed down in a Philadelphia court which forbade a ... (read more)