Lux Radio Theatre

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Last Call for Radio's Grand Central Station on CBS

Grand Central Station producer and director Hiram Brown in 1943 After more than 16 years of good entertainment, the voice of Grand Central Station on CBS is no longer heard in the land. What stilled it was not any sudden drying up of human interest drama in Manhattan's great railroad terminal, but rather the fact that Grand Central on the radio just couldn't compete any longer with the overwhelming force of TV playhouses. No doubt about it, the radio theaters are dwindling. Which is too bad ... (read more)

How Jeff Chandler Was Discovered in Hollywood

Jeff Chandler and Eve Arden in Our Miss Brooks I first saw Jeff Chandler 12 years ago when he was Ira Grossel from Brooklyn. He was enrolled in the Feagin School of Dramatic Arts in New York. At the time I was a talent scout for 20th Century-Fox. It was part of my job to make the rounds of dramatic schools, searching for new talent. To me Jeff was a big, gawky kid. He didn't seem to coordinate too well, a common failing of tall guys. But there was an arresting quality about the boy, a kind of ... (read more)

Maurice Zimm: Murder is My Business

Maurice Zimm wrote the story for Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) The man in the coroner's office glared at me. "What gave you the idea we freeze bodies?" he demanded. "That isn't exactly what I meant," I said hastily. "You see --." But it wasn't easy to explain. It never is! People give you that strange look when you tell them that you're trying to figure out an interesting way of committing murder. As a radio mystery writer, murder has become my business. I lie awake nights devising new ... (read more)