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Saving Uncle Marmaduke by John Eugene Hasty

"All of a sudden there came from it three short raps." A short story by John Eugene Hasty from Radio magazine, September 1925 You know, I rather think there might be something in what these philosopher gents say about the darkest hour coming before the dawn. Of course, I imagine that dawn has been following the darkest hour for so many years that it's quite a habit with it by this time; but what I mean to say is that when a fellow gets in a bad jam and then up pops some friend to rally around ... (read more)

Why Science Fiction Didn't Last on Radio

Illustration from the Dimension X episode "Mars is Heaven" by Ray Bradbury They should have made the perfect pair. Think of the action, the drama, and the adventure of science fiction -- now add a dash of good sound effects, a dash of imagination, and away you go, off on the hottest radio series ever. And yet ... the marriage didn't last. It's too bad, too. The five United States SF series, which should have been the best shows in radio history, were weak and short-lived. They ranged ... (read more)