What Happened on Radio Soaps in December 1952

Photo of Augusta Dabney and William Prince appearing as Tracey and Jerry Malone in the Young Dr. Malone TV series in 1958. Both are well-dressed and she's wearing evening gloves and holding a purse.
Augusta Dabney and William Prince in the TV series Young Dr. Malone (1958)

Aunt Jenny: Two girls in love with the same man create a situation that can not help but lead to trouble for someone. In a recent story, Aunt Jenny told of a triangle made even more complicated by the fact that the two girls were identical twins. The Stillman girls not only looked alike, but acted alike and had led identical lives -- until Larry came along. What unexpected changes did love make for all three of them? 12:15 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Backstage Wife: Long ago Mary Noble faced the fact that the wife of a successful, handsome actor will always have rivals for her husband's affection. Secure in the knowledge of Larry's love, Mary has managed to create a normal, happy home life until recently. What will happen now as glamorous Judith Venable, Larry's leading lady, makes a very definite attempt to break up the Nobles' marriage? 4 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Big Sister: Though the shock of John's illness is a difficult one for Ruth Wayne to bear, she finds it made somewhat easier as she becomes more involved in her work at the Health Centre. From time to time, however, she wonders if she made the right decision when she agreed to work in John's place as Dr. Roger Marlowe's administrative assistant. Is Roger more interested in Ruth than he's revealed? 1 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Brighter Day: The famous surgeon, Dr. Robert Cunningham, plays a key part in two young lives as Althea Dennis becomes his patient and Dr. Tom Gordon, his junior resident at New York's Memorial Hospital. What will be the effect on Althea's life if Dr. Cunningham succeeds in restoring her ability to walk? And what will be the effect on Tom Gordon when he learns that Dr. Cunningham is his real father? 2:45 p.m. Eastern, CBS; 9:45 A.M. Eastern, NBC

Doctor's Wife: Has a doctor any business to concern himself with ethical problems not directly connected with the health of his patients? Dr. Dan Palmer's practice had been growing very satisfactorily until just such a problem arose, and his young wife Julie is entirely in accord with his stand. Will the career for which they have both worked so hard be ruined by Dan's refusal to compromise? 5:45 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Front Page Farrell: David Farrell is the star reporter for a big metropolitan newspaper. That's his job. and he loves it. But somehow David can't keep his knack for crime detection under control, and the police have learned by now to welcome him and his wife Sally when they turn up on a story. In their current case, however, the Farrells come within a hairline of losing out to one of the cleverest criminals they've ever tracked down. 5:15 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Guiding Light: How difficult will it be for Cathy Roberts to stop blaming herself for the death of the boy to whom she was so briefly and hopelessly married? Has Dick Grant waited too long before declaring his independence from his mother's interference? As Cathy's stepmother, Meta longs to offer help, but fears that she will only stir up the girl's resentment. 1:45 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Hilltop House: Dr. Ricky Browning's charm has captivated not only Julie Paterno, head matron of Hilltop House, but all the orphans under her care. Delighted at the way she and Ricky appear to be moving toward a life together, Julie does not immediately perceive the factors that may threaten the happiness she expects. Will spoiled, pretty Doreen Gordon be willing to give up the plans she had made for Ricky's future? 3 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Just Plain Bill: By befriending Paul Norton, Bill Davidson runs into trouble not only with Paul's family but with his own, as his daughter Nancy insists that Paul's prison record is reason enough for Bill to turn against him. Was Paul really guilty of the manslaughter charge for which he served two years? Was he in love with the wife of the man who died? What does his sister Virginia know about it? 5 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Life Can Be Beautiful: Chichi, trying to help out financially during Papa David's illness, stumbles on a particularly conscienceless racket. When she learns some of its details from Marian Keller, Chichi and her editor friend Doug Norman embark on an indignant campaign to expose the truth about some so-called model agencies. What happens to the many pretty, ambitious girls who are not as quick as Chichi to recognize danger? 3 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Lorenzo Jones: Like any married couple, Belle and Lorenzo Jones have had their differences, but never in Belle's most exasperated moments did she envision life without Lorenzo. The tragic lapse of memory suffered by Lorenzo after an attack by vengeful criminals has turned Belle's life into a suspenseful nightmare. Will she discover in time just where and how Lorenzo is building his new existence? Or will she have to make one for herself? 5:30 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Ma Perkins: Once again Ma has cause to observe that where human beings are concerned (here is almost no such thing as a clean-cut beginning or ending. The Pendleton divorce trial is over, but its repercussions still influence the lives that were touched by it. Will Gladys Pendleton make the right decision about her own future, or will the course of her parents' marriage influence her too much? 1:15 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Our Gal Sunday: The last time Craig Norwood. Sunday's old suitor, reappeared in her life, he caused a serious misunderstanding between Sunday and her husband. Lord Henry Brinthrope. Now that Craig has come again to Fairbrook. with his young wife June. Sunday cannot help feeling somewhat apprehensive. Craig has become a strange, mysterious personality. Has he some definite plan to destroy Sunday's happiness? 12:45 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Pepper Young's Family: Pepper and his wife Linda, who are themselves in the midst of a period of marital difficulty, realize with dismay how outsiders can influence the course of a marriage when Pepper's sister Peggy and her husband Carter are brought almost to the brink of disaster by the interference, both direct and indirect, of Carter's mother, Mrs. Ivy Trent. Has Ivy at last learned the lesson she needs? M-F. 3:30 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Perry Mason: Just what is the connection between the Blazing Heart and the Lonely Hearts? How can a fabulous ruby be involved with an organization that provides friendship for those who are too timid to find it for themselves? Even though Perry Mason may eventually find the key to this curious connection, will it bring him anv closer to the mysterious, well-protected man? 2:15 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Right to Happiness: Carolyn Nelson, returning from her dangerous assignment just in time to see her husband. Governor Miles Nelson, collapse from overstrain, is appalled when she at last realizes the forces attempting to divide them. What have her enemies managed to make Miles believe during her absence? Has Miles really lost sight of the boundless faith and love on which their marriage was originally built? 3:45 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Road of Life: Twist and turn as they may, Conrad Overton and Gordon Fuller cannot escape the retribution that approaches as Dr. Jim Brent and Malcolm Overton, pooling their knowledge, begin to reconstruct the complete picture of the building of Conrad's fortune. Jim's anger is intensified when he at last penetrates the secret of Jocelyn McLeod's illness, and learns just how the Overtons were involved in that. 3:15 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Romance of Helen Trent: Hollywood gown designer Helen Trent tries resolutely to put lawyer Gil Whitney out of her mind after his reconciliation with his wife, Cynthia. Will Helen ever learn that Gil was blackmailed into the reconciliation by Cynthia's threat to name Helen corespondent in a divorce suit? Just how will producer Kelcey Spencer influence Helen's life as she starts work designing for his fabulous new production? 12:30 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Rosemary: Rosemary feels as though her happiness is balanced on a thread as she watches Bill make up his mind about the future. If he allows himself to be taunted by Edgar Duffy into some ill-advised action, he may never reinstate himself in the good opinion of Springdale. But if Bill can continue to keep his head and fight Duffy intelligently, the town may have cause to thank him for exposing one of its greatest profiteers. 11:45 a.m. Eastern, CBS

Second Mrs. Burton: Stan and Terry Burton have passed through the gravest crisis of their marriage, and emerged with redoubled faith in it. Will Stan's domineering mother give in gracefully to the knowledge that her son is completely happy with Terry? Will her urge for power over her children be satisfied as she tries to direct the affairs of her daughter Marcia, who really shows little ability to manage for herself? 2 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Stella Dallas: When Stella's daughter Laurel married wealthy Dick Grosvenor, Stella didn't foresee that her own life would become so inextricably entangled with that of Dick's autocratic mother. Several times in the past Stella has been able to rescue Mrs. Grosvenor from the consequences of her own folly. Will Mrs. Grosvenor's association with the Countess Sylvia Darnell be still another problem for Stella Dallas? 4:15 p.m. Eastern, NBC

This is Nora Drake: When the secret surrounding Peg Martinson's death is finally revealed, what effect will it have on the life of nurse Nora Drake? Fred Molina has risked his own life several times in his efforts to prove Nora innocent of Peg's death. When she is no longer in danger, will Fred feel that his own usefulness is also at an end ... that with his past record he and Nora can have nothing in common? 2:30 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Wendy Warren: Wendy, a newspaper woman herself, knows enough about writers -- Mark in particular -- to remain unperturbed as his moods swing wildly from high to low and back again, reflecting the progress of his work. But some of the emotional tension in their lives is due certainly to actress Maggie Fallon. Is Maggie planning a comeback into Mark's life in spite of his marriage to Wendy? 12 Noon Eastern, CBS

When a Girl Marries: From the secret hideaway where she is being virtually held prisoner by Donald Brady, Joan Davis can only send her thoughts and prayers over the miles that separate her from her husband Harry and their children, who believe her to have been killed in an automobile crash. Will Harry somehow sense that Joan is still in the world, or will he start to build a life without her -- a life that might hold terrible tragedy for all of them? 10:45 a.m. Eastern, ABC

Woman in My House: The Carters' oldest son, Jeff, has a family reputation for detachment, for the ability to keep out of emotional entanglements. But Jeff is not as detached as he appears, particularly when he is forced to face the fact that he may have to give up the friendship of Carolyn Wilson, because he can no longer evade the knowledge that she is in love with him -- and he does not love her. How will this affect both Jeff and Carolyn? 4:45 p.m. Eastern, NBC

Young Dr. Malone: Slowly and painfully, those who loved Anne Malone are trying to adjust to her death. The future holds the secret of what her loss will mean to many: Sam Williams, who wanted to marry her; Crystal and Gene, her good friends; her mother-in-law, who perhaps best knew her worth; and chiefly, of course, her beloved small daughter and the husband from whom she was so long estranged. 1:30 p.m. Eastern, CBS

Young Widder Brown: Still unable to prove his claim that his early marriage to Ruth was annulled many years ago, Dr. Anthony Loring is forced to relinquish his plans for marriage with Ellen Brown. Ellen, meanwhile, finds herself befriending the emotionally disturbed and unstable woman who has interfered with her happiness, and who unwittingly is being used by sinister associates to commit crimes of which she has no understanding. 4-30 p.m. Eastern, NBC

From Radio-TV Mirror, December 1952

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