New Diner Named After the Great Gildersleeve

Photo of Harold Peary and Jane Darwell eating a meal in the 1942 movie The Great Gildersleeve
Harold Peary and Jane Darwell in the movie The Great Gildersleeve (1942)

A new concept restaurant is coming to a familiar spot in Pueblo, with a 1940s-theme diner expected to be opened in late June in the former South Fork Restaurant location at 3510 N. Elizabeth.

Gildersleeve's Old-Fashioned Diner will be operated by Sonja and Perry Fields with assistance from Kristine and Michael Fields (their son). The idea for the restaurant sprang from Michael Fields' interest in old time radio shows. Opening such a restaurant, said Michael Fields, "has been a dream of mine for three or four years."

With the diner concept, especially that targeted toward the 1950s theme, becoming popular throughout the country, the sentiment of the owners was that now was the time to act.

The four owners all have a wealth of restaurant experience, some of it at the same location when a Sambo's did business there. Sonja and Perry, who most recently managed Goody's restaurants in Pueblo, will manage Gildersleeve's.

The owners have leased the building through Dan Molello of Jones-Healy Realtors and Kevin Krott of Barry Boals and Associates of Colorado Springs.

Gary Franchi in Pueblo Chieftain, June 1, 1989

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