Frances Lee Barton's Cooking School of the Air

Frances Lee Barton from a General Foods Cooking School of the Air mailing where she writes, 'Every day and every hour in the General Foods Kitchens we are thinking of new ways to help you handle your housekeeping job -- better management ideas that will save precious hours and precious dollars to spend on other worthwhile things of life.'
Frances Lee Barton from a General Foods Cooking School of the Air mailing

Thousands of women all over the country know Frances Lee Barton and her broadcasts from the General Foods Cooking School of the Air.

Heretofore, Barton's broadcasts have dealt entirely with baking, cooking demonstrations, menu making, proper use of recipe ingredients, kitchen hints and the related material that has made her Cooking School of the Air programs of invaluable service to housewives everywhere.

From now on, however -- beginning with the broadcast of January 4 -- Barton will present not only her regular cooking service but, in addition, a delightful program of smart, musical entertainment.

The new half-hour programs will be broadcast every Friday afternoon at 3 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, over a coast-to-coast network.

Barton, star of the Cooking School of the Air, is presenting the all-star entertainment program as superlative in quality as the delicious cakes that come from her oven.

This savory musical recipe will be served up piping hot by handsome young Warren Hull, who will be Barton's assistant chef, or in other words, master of ceremonies.

In Hull's musical recipe will be quality ingredients -- Frances Langford, charming southern songstress who has created an outstanding radio success; James Wilkinson, baritone, and Al and Lee Reiser, whose piano duets over the air have placed them in the very front rank of radio performers. Al and Lee are cousins. Al specializes in popular music and Lee in the classics, so that their programs offer varied musical fare to please all tastes.

Remember every Friday afternoon. Listen in and hear this new, unusual combination of practical cooking information and delightful entertainment. It's a well-rounded menu -- spicy, appetizing, substantial and wholesome -- served by Barton and Hull, and topped off by all the sweetness that Langford, Wilkinson and the musical Reisers can bring you in their appealing music and song -- a unique half hour that will bring you the utmost in enjoyment and practical cooking help.

From General Foods Broadcaster, January 1935

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