What Happened on Radio Soaps in March 1953

1954 ad for The Romance of Helen Trent that reads, 'Can love come to a woman after 35? She has so much to give -- to the man who can give in return. Could it be Gil? They might know real love together. But whenever they come close to fulfillment, his jealousy tears through their happiness, destroying it. Is Kurt the answer? Kurt, so sure, so shrewd. He has the power to hurt, yet a sudden gentleness made him say, 'I'm starved for all the things you are.' Can she choose? You can get the whole story -- even while you work -- when you listen to daytime radio. Hear The Romance of Helen Trent on the CBS Radio Network.
Ad for The Romance of Helen Trent featuring Julie Stevens

Aunt Jenny: All kinds of people pass before Aunt Jenny's experienced, understanding eyes as she surveys the lives of her neighbors in the small town of Littleton. But seldom has she known a personality like Sam Cutler, who deliberately set out to ruin his sister-in-law because she had defied him. What happened to Sam made the unexpected climax of this story one of those recently told by Aunt Jenny. 12:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, CBS

Backstage Wife: As the wife of famous Broadway star Larry Noble, Mary Noble has often had to cope with the artistic temperament of Larry's fellow actors -- and actresses. And she is well aware that Larry's charm collects as many admirers on the working side of the footlights as it does among matinee audiences. But even Mary is frightened at the passionate determination of a new attempt to take Larry away from her. 4 p.m., NBC

The Brighter Day: Althea's return from Wyoming stirs up the Dennis household as only the beautiful, restless Althea can do, and this time her young daughter Spring is with her to complicate matters even further. Rev. Richard Dennis is certain that some startling crisis brought her back home. Will he learn what shadow looms over Althea's future in time to do something to help? 2:45 p.m., CBS

Front Page Farrell: Covering another sensational murder case for his newspaper, The Daily Eagle, David Farrell and his wife Sally become involved in a series of situations so strange that the key to the crime almost escapes them. An almost unbelievable motive helps the killer to conceal the truth, and finally only David's quick-wittedness leads him to it in time to avoid becoming the murderer's second victim. 5:15 p.m., NBC

The Guiding Light: Resigned and almost hopeless, Kathy Grant knows that her own dishonesty has driven her husband into the willing arms of another woman. Dick, hesitating on the brink of divorce, is himself uncertain of his desires, but in the meantime, the meeting between Kathy and Dick's colleague, Dr. Kelly, has an unexpected result. What strange effect will the man called Dan Peters have on the lives of people he scarcely knows? 1:45 p.m., CBS

Hilltop House: Julie Nixon's long experience in handling a houseful of orphans as matron of Hilltop House makes her certain that young Len Klabber is not entirely the bright, friendly boy he tries to seem. Trying tactfully to discourage Babs' friendship with Len, Julie herself does not realize how true her instinct is, and how much she and the town are soon to learn about the problem of juvenile delinquency. 3 p.m., CBS

Just Plain Bill: A widower for many years, happy in the affection of his daughter Nancy, Bill Davidson rarely remembers the long-ago struggle of his dead wife's aristocratic family to keep Nancy away from him. But Nellie Davidson's family has never forgotten that she married a small-town barber, and Thelma Nelson makes strange capital of that story when she comes to Hartville. What threat does she hold over Bill? 5 p.m., NBC

Life Can Be Beautiful: The marriage of Chichi and Mac is very young, but already Chichi has had cause to wonder how much misunderstanding a marriage can survive. There is another question coming up for her -- the question of how much misunderstanding it should survive. For, if each week brings new doubts, new hurts and troubles, how can the future look anything but threatening? Can Papa David throw a different like on that picture? 3 p.m., NBC

Lorenzo Jones: To Lorenzo, the lovely actress Belle Jones is a charming woman to whom he is strangely drawn. The amnesia which months ago separated him from Belle prevents him from recognizing her as his wife. But Gail Maddox, fearful that Lorenzo's memory may return, allies herself with actor Wade Emery's spiteful plans to create havoc for Belle. Can Belle win Lorenzo's love all over again? 5:30 p.m., NBC

Ma Perkins: Anyone in Rushville Center would be quick to say that, for understanding, tolerance and an honest look at facts, Ma Perkins is the person to talk things over with. But money -- the possession of it or the lack of it -- has a strong way of confusing issues. Even the strong, simple values by which Ma has taught her family to abide come in for a searching test when such confusion enters the picture. 1:15 p.m., CBS

Our Gal Sunday: Though she has had many years of secure happiness as Lord Henry Brinthorpe's wife, Sunday has never forgotten his family's disapproval of his marriage to a simple mountain girl. When his impoverished but aristocratic aunt, Lavinia Thornton, comes to Black Swan Hall, Sunday is gripped by a fear she has never know before. Can her position as Lord Henry's wife really be attacked? 12:45 p.m., CBS

Pepper Young's Family: Pepper and Linda cannot really blame Pepper's father for going ahead with the plans for extracting oil from the property around their farm, which is supposed to have such a rich potential. The prospect of so much wealth would dazzle almost anyone. But Pepper and Linda are unhappy over the project, and not only because it mars their beloved view. Is their suspicion justified? 3:30 p.m., NBC

Perry Mason: If pretty Kate Beckman had not hitched her wagon to a star, she might have avoided a lot of trouble. Determined to succeed as a dancer, Kate turned down a safe job in lawyer Perry Mason's office to accept a glamourous offer from nightclub owner Gordy Webber, ignorant of Webber's plans to ruin her father, Ed Beekman. Can Perry save the misguided girl before her stubborn self assurance plays into Webber's hands? 12:15 p.m., CBS

The Right to Happiness: Annette Thorpe has always been a successful woman, with money, position and a sharp set of wits to work with. She cannot quite understand why her careful plan to break up Governor Miles Nelson's marriage has so far failed. If she knew Carolyn Nelson better, would she understand that she has perhaps met her match? Will Carolyn be able to bridge the chasm Annette has dug between her and Miles? 3:45 p.m., NBC

Road of Life: Sybil Overton Fuller's ruthless selfishness leads her to set a trap in which she herself appears to be caught. Sybil now knows that her only hope of inheriting from her dead husband's family lies in the child she went to great lengths to conceal and give up. In her dangerously tense emotional state, her hatred of Jim and Jocelyn increases. How will Armand Monet's interest in Jocelyn fit into Sybil's schemes? 1 p.m., CBS; 3:15 p.m., NBC

The Romance of Helen Trent: Designer Helen Trent finds new stimulation in her increasingly important job with the Jeff Brady studios. She now has as assistant Loretta Cole, a girl who begged to be allowed to work with her. In Helen's private life, too, new interests have entered with Brett Chapman and his young son Richard. Helen's friends hope for happy developments in this relationship. Will the future prove them right? 12:30 p.m., CBS

Rosemary: Trouble and pain are no strangers to the Roberts household, but as Rosemary prepared for the birth of her long-awaited baby she felt that at last she and Bill stood on the brink of a future so bright that nothing could seriously mar it. She never dreamed of the direction from which tragedy would strike -- or of the way her efforts to help others through the Boys' Club would in the end help her. 11:45 a.m., CBS

The Second Mrs. Burton: For the first time in her life, Stan's sister Marcia seems headed for a bright future as she and Lew Archer, in spite of their different backgrounds, manage to iron out most of the problems that might disturb their marriage. But is there one big problem both Marcia and Lew have underrated? What will happen to Stan's emotional sister if this last chance for happiness slips through her fingers? 2 p.m., CBS

Stella Dallas: Stella has always anticipated trouble from her daughter's aristocratic mother-in-law, Mrs. Grosvenor, and it materialized when the charming Englishman, Stanley Warrick, innocently gave Mrs. Grosvenor a chance to accuse Laurel of indulging in a cheap flirtation. With Laurel's disappearance, which follows on the slanderous attack, Stella comes close to despair. Will her daughter's marriage survive this new trial? 4:15 p.m., NBC

This is Nora Drake: Before nurse Nora Drake's horrified eyes has unfolded the full story of a teenager's degeneration. But Nora is too much involved personally with young Grace Sargent to see in this desperate daughter of Dr. Robert Sargent anything but a girl who must somehow be saved from the worst consequences of her instability and ignorance. Can Nora do anything, or is there no future for Grace at all? 2:30 p.m., CBS

Wendy Warren: Even since the failure of Mark's last play, Wendy has known that her brilliant, unstable husband was headed for another psychological crisis. But even though she herself cannot help, she feels that Mark's willingness to confide in Dr. Weber is an important step. Meanwhile, the strange personality of Mr. Magnus casts its shadow over several lives. How will he affect Wendy's? 12 p.m., CBS

When a Girl Marries: Ever since Clair O'Brien came into her life, Joan Davis has discovered that she herself is capable of stern, almost ruthless actions which she would never have dreamed of if she had not been forced to defend herself against Clair's wickedness. Even if Joan's sister Sylvia escapes the net cast by Clair's lies, can Joan's life ever be the same as it would have been if Clair had never touched it? 10:45 a.m., ABC

The Woman In My House: The more the Carter family changes, the more it remains the same. As the children have grown up and widened their interests, somehow the family's interests have widened along with them. Instead of going outside the family as they make new friends, or as they marry, the Carters have brought their friends and spouses into the group. But is it an unmixed blessing for family feeling to be so strong? 4:45 p.m., NBC

Young Dr. Malone: Ever since Tracy Adams first appeared in Three Oaks, Dr. Paul Browne has felt that she would have an important impact on the life of his friend, Dr. Jerry Malone. Paul doesn't know if good or bad will eventually come of it, but Jerry's confusion troubles him greatly. Meanwhile, Sam Williams and his daughter-in-law Crystal face a curious, and dangerous, situation. 1:30 p.m., CBS

Young Widder Brown: Though she concentrates desperately on her tea-room and her children, Ellen Brown cannot forget the heartbreak of losing the man she love, Dr. Anthony Loring, to another woman. Memories of Anthony prevent her from turning to Michael Forstyle, an eligible bachelor who admires her. Ellen struggles hard for her outward composure. What will happen to it when she must meet Anthony and Millicent as man and wife? 4:30 p.m., NBC

From Radio-TV Mirror, March 1953

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