Roy Rogers Always Comes Home to Sky Haven Ranch

Advertisement from 1958 for Double R brand toys showing Roy Rogers and three children in Western attire being held up by another child with a red bandanna over his face and a toy gun. The heading reads, 'Havin' Fun the Real Roy Rogers Way!' A caption reads, 'Hi, Kids! All the cowpokes in this picture with me are wearing my Double R bar clothes. Their guns and holsters are real Roy Rogers, too! If you'd like to own anything you see here, tell mom that everything is sold at all good department stores -- Roy Rogers.' There's also a caption 'Look for my Double R Brand' followed by the list 'on archery sets, action toys, banks, bed spreads, billfolds, belts, books, boots, chap-vest sets, chuckwagons, gloves, guns, guitars, hats, holsters, horseshoe sets, jackets, jigsaw puzzles, jeans, lanterns, lunch kits, jewelry, pajamas, paint and crayon coloring sets, pencil tablets, records, robes, raincoats, ranch models, Roy and Trigger models, shirts, school bags, saddle seats, slipper sox, slacks, stuffed toys, suits, sweaters, toy stagecoaches, ties, watches
An ad for Roy Rogers' Double R brand toys from 1958

If he weren't the top Western star in the land, Roy Rogers could easily become a professional advisor to the world's parents. Roy gets between 80,000 and 90,000 letters each month from all over the globe, about half of which are written by parents asking Roy to write their children telling them to eat their cereal, drink their milk, go to bed on time or take medicine the doctor ordered.

Since Roy is the ideal of all children, they follow his advice blindly. This is a big responsibility for Roy to take on but he accepts it willingly and does a fine job since he is well qualified for it.

The King of the Cowboys has faced the same problems with the three youngsters in his own royal family. There are two crown princesses -- Cheryl Darlene, 7 1/2; Linda Lou, 4 1/2; and one crown prince Dusty (the nickname of Roy Jr.), nearly a year old, who are about as lively and mischievous as any normal kids. Roy solves all his problems as they come up -- fairly and wisely -- and the result is a completely happy family.

Home to Roy is Sky Haven Ranch, about 55 miles from Los Angeles on Lake Hughes. That's where Roy heads whenever he can get some free time away from Republic Pictures Studios and his radio, rodeo and circus commitments. At Sky Haven, Roy is able to indulge in his favorite relaxations of hunting and fishing.

No wonder, then, that when Roy sings "Home on the Range" for rodeo fans, he feels a sharp stab of homesickness, for it is there at the place he loves that the three young Rogers impatiently await their daddy's return from the tour.

From Roy Rogers World Championship Rodeo, 1947

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