Catching Up with the Cast of Straight Arrow

Photo of Howard Culver, star of the Straight Arrow radio show
Howard Culver, star of the Straight Arrow radio show

My former agent just forwarded to me the letter you wrote inquiring as to my present whereabouts. As this letter will attest, I'm alive and well, continuing to ply my craft in southern California.

You must have a great ear for voices to have remembered mine over a span of some 25 years.

Since the demise of Straight Arrow I continued to work in television, theatrical movies and radio, until drama disappeared from the audio waves. Recently, during a brief resurgence of the radio art, I worked many of the Sears and Mutual Radio Theater shows.

Frank Bingman, the announcer on Straight Arrow, is retired, living on his hilly 60-acre ranch above the Mojave Desert in L.A. County. I see him occasionally.

Fred Howard, "Packy," I have lost track of and fear he may have shuffled off this mortal coil. He had retired several years ago in an area near Oceanside. That's between L.A. and San Diego.

Gwen Delano, "Mesquite Molly," died just a few years after the series ended.

The original director of the show retired several years ago as vice president of the ad agency that produced the show for Nabisco. You may have read something of him in recent months -- Neil Reagan, older brother of the current president of the United States.

I have had the pleasure of working several radio shows with Ronald, and found him to be an intelligent, hard-working, pleasant individual.

That should bring you up to date on the status of the regular crew from the old Straight Arrow show, plus a bonus sidebar on our First Family.

Howard Culver, Collector's Corner, Summer 1982

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